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Reasons to lead with gratitude 

When was the last time you expressed gratitude to your team? What about your customers? Your business partners?   And I mean really expressed gratitude by going beyond a simple thank you.   Although it’s critically important to say thank you, what people really need is to have their unique contributions recognized. When people feel valued, they also feel empowered […]

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Consumer trends for home improvement

From 2019 to 2020, consumer interest in businesses related to the home improvement industry showed strong growth in the Better Business Bureau® directory. After spending much of the past 12 months at home, consumers are beginning to notice all the ways their houses aren’t fulfilling their current needs. Now, they’re in the market for professionals […]

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Investing in customer trust

Information travels faster than ever and a person’s worst moments can come to define them. Because scandals spread quickly on the internet, indecent behavior by organizations and public figures appears more common than ever before. And it’s making people increasingly suspicious. Fortunately, the 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer reveals businesses have a better reputation than government […]

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Scams target business with fake checks

News of promising vaccine trials offers a glimmer of hope to struggling small businesses and families, indicating that we might soon see a return to relative normalcy. As vaccine news begins to shape your 2021 business plan, BBB serving Greater Maryland warns that scammers are already finding ways to take advantage of the hopeful outlook. […]

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Troubling trends for customer reviews

Online customer reviews tell the story of your business. When customers describe positive experiences and offer high ratings, they paint a picture of a trustworthy, dedicated and consistent brand. Building a solid reputation requires diligence and patience, but sadly Better Business Bureau® of Greater Maryland is finding some disreputable businesses are using devious tactics to […]

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Data security tips to boost confidence

What do Twitter, Yahoo, eBay and Equifax all have in common? Each of these companies, plus many others, have fallen victim to cyberattacks, exposing the private information of millions of customers. Hackers target business data in search of valuable information like credit card accounts, passwords and social security numbers. As corporate data breaches become increasingly […]

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How to reopen and keep customer trust

First impressions are key, and businesses should treat this time of reopening like a fresh introduction. Reintroduce yourself to customers as a business that prioritizes health and safety. Whether that means expanding telecommunications, offering delivery, or enhancing our cleanliness standards, we have a responsibility to our customers to champion health and be transparent about any […]