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Opinion: Money talks, voters are listening

The 2022 Howard County election cycle was to be the first to include the Citizens’ Election Fund, a public financing system for County Executive and Council races, approved via referendum, by over 76,000 voters. Candidates who agree to accept only from individuals, up to $250, can qualify. That means no donations from corporations, unions, PACs, […]

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The next decade of commercial businesses

Howard County is facing budget shortfalls coming out of the pandemic. The Howard County Spending and Affordability Committee recently advised that projected revenues fall far below our expected expenditures. Short-term cuts won’t solve the problem. Many, including Howard County Chamber of Commerce President Leonardo McClarty, agree that new sources of revenue are needed. Mr. McClarty […]

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Where have all the trees gone in HOCO?

In Howard County, for decades, more trees have been cut down than State law allows. Development waivers, allowing more tree removal than regulations permit, have been granted because county decision makers have been too lenient. State Forest Conservation law requires a higher standard than just economic need. Yet, for 20 years developers have reasoned that […]