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Q&A with TEDCO’s Troy LeMaile-Stovall

Any conversation with Troy LeMaile-Stovall will always be punctuated by action words that lead to a more inclusive and productive environment. The new CEO and Executive Director for the Maryland Technology Development Corp. (TEDCO) earned his undergraduate degree from Southern Methodist University, then earned his master’s at Stanford before moving on to Harvard to obtain […]

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Aldi, Lidl shaking up the grocery market

Two German companies are making inroads to the highly competitive grocery market. Aldi and Lidl are challenging old guard stores like Giant and Safeway as well as Amazon, discount warehouses, supercenters, other retailers and scattered independent stores that target the right niche in a cut-throat industry. Legendarily fierce rivals in Europe, Aldi and Lidl have […]

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Telehealth: Is it here to stay?

The numbers say it all: Before the COVID-19 pandemic, less than 1 percent of health assessments were conducted virtually, according to the Arlington, Va.-based American Telemedicine Association. Then came the shutdown.  By mid-April, about 50 percent of health assessments were done virtually. Today, it’s flattened out to 15 to 20 percent, which is about the […]

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Are we failing financial literacy?

In the field of financial advising, it’s good to know Early Earl and Catch-up Carl. Greg Smith, now administrative vice president and regional manager with M&T Bank, recalled a time in his career when he used to talk to students in schools about the diametrically-opposite duo to illustrate the importance of understanding debt and investing […]

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Digital ad program set for BWI

BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport and Clear Channel Airports are finalizing a digital advertising program to reach the approximately 74,000 travelers that normally pass through the terminal in a day. A 10-year contract has been signed that calls for Clear Channel to develop an integrated passenger experience program. The deal, which was approved by the Maryland […]

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Q&A with Ben Birge

A statistician by trade, Ben Birge spent his career in the governmental public policy with a focus on budget and program management as well as statistical analysis. In 2018, he started working for Anne Arundel County Executive Steuart Pittman as chief administrative officer. When former president and CEO, Jerry Walker, left the Anne Arundel Economic […]

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Will Maglev be rolling soon?

The campaign to bring the magnetic levitation railway train, known in transportation circles as the Northeast Maglev, to the Baltimore-Washington, D.C. area, continues. A Federal Railroad Administration and the Maryland Department of Transportation Maryland Transit Administration’s Environmental Impact Study (EIS) is expected to be released Jan. 22 opening a round of commentary and debate for […]

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Searching for answers in child care

  Since the pandemic shutdown in mid-May, the loss of jobs, furloughs, tightened household budgets and the closings of child care centers and capacity decreases upon reopening means that parents, already mired in the expensive child care web, suddenly had even fewer options. With the reopening of some child care centers at full capacity, the […]