Photo courtesy National Governors Association.

According to CNBC, thanks to Gov. Larry Hogan’s “forward thinking” and results-oriented leadership, Maryland ranks as 2021’s most improved state for business. From 2019, Maryland has moved up 19 spots and improved in eight categories, including ranking second for Technology and Innovation.   

Under previous governors, CNBC said Maryland “struggled for years to bring its infrastructure into the 21st century.” However, under Hogan, “while others were focused on traditional infrastructure components, Maryland was developing its broadband system and strengthening its power grid — both of which have taken on new importance these days.” Hogan has also been advocating for Congress to replicate this successful approach in a federal infrastructure bill.  

The CNBC analysis also found that Maryland “weathered the pandemic better than most” and is “outpacing the national rate of overall economic growth.” For the full report, go to