LHC's Thought Leaders Series:  The Art of Communicating in a Hybrid World


10:30 am - 12:00 pm

Join us for the next (virtual) installment of LHC’s Thought Leaders Series, featuring Cheryl Duvall, LP ’00, Consulting Practice Area Leader for Gensler, author, and frequent speaker on change management, work-life integration, and communication skills.  This interactive discussion will take a look at how the hybrid work model of the future will impact organizational culture and behavior.


Topics will include:

  • Latest research about hybrid workplaces
  • Tips for building highly functional teams in a hybrid workplace
  • Being intentional about inclusion and mentorship
  • Prioritizing mental health and employee well-being
  • Virtual communication best practices
  • Change strategies  to address shifts in communication


Click here for more details & to register.

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