07/24/21 - 07/25/21    
All Day
Performing Shakespeare’s original text, set in a post-apocalyptic world after a natural disaster.
This is William Shakespeare’s drama exploring events in and around the Battle of Agincourt. King Henry, recently come to the British throne, sets forth to claim the throne of France. A drama with humour, we see the adventures of both the Britiish and French nobility, as well as the adventures of the ordinary soldiers.
This show is being performed online (due to Covid) by the actors working from their home studios, and coming together to create a streamed performance, with digital backdrops, costumes and lots of fun.
The show is being peformed as part of Bristol Shakespeare Festival, and will be available online from 7PM on July 24th 2021, to 11pm on July 25th.
In addition to the show, our audiences also have access to a free online digital education pack designed for children and students, and a free downloadable PDF.
Tickets are £11 per digital device and are available from https://www.southdevonplayers.com/box-office.html
More information on the show, content advisories etc available at https://www.southdevonplayers.com/henryvinfodigital.html
The South Devon Players Theatre & Film Company
A female-led theatre company based in the beautiful fishing port of Brixham, in Southwest England, to create top quality local opportunities for local creatives to create work in theatre, and to bring new productions to audiences across the South of England. Founded in 2005.
Creating internationally awardwinning theatre based on historical events (including new writing) and stage adaptations of classical literature.
Breaking down barriers to participating in theatre for actors, crew, and audiences alike.
We love to hear from new prospective actors, creatives and audiences at any time, regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, or experience.

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