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Welcome to your new workforce! Register to be a part of this dynamic series where you be a part of a community of other businesses all beginning this journey into people-first automation. At the end of this course, you will understand the thinking behind WAE and how to prepare for this exciting world of Industry 4.0.

WAE is a framework that lifts the global workforce to fulfill human potential with a human-centered approach to automation. Today, our “always-on” lifestyles, hyper-connectivity, and legacy work mindsets have buried humans in data and burdened us in tasks. Under this weight of mundane work and faster business cycle, businesses are losing their most valuable asset—their humanity—to technology. WAE enables humans to ascend to an Innovation Existence focusing on value-driven activities where business can differentiate and thrive through their human capital. By implementing the WAE Framework, businesses can solve complex problems, increase innovation, and enrich the lives of humans.

The sessions will be held on March 10 (101 session), April 7 (102 session), and May 12 (201 session).

Please note, March 10 will be recorded and will need to be watched prior to moving forward with the additional sessions.

About our Facilitator:

Tim Kulp is the Chief Innovation Officer at Mind Over MachinesHe’s trying to change the world. His mission: Stop the automation apocalypse by empowering humans. As the Fourth Industrial Revolution transforms business, Kulp helps companies and their workforces use automation to grow. He enables businesses to increase their human value with his liberal arts education and passion for Artificial Intelligence. With years on the front lines of automation, Tim leads workers and business leaders to realize the potential of a human + machine future instead of the human v. machine future.

Kulp’s publications range from technical (MSDN Magazine, 2600 Magazine) to business strategy (Forbes, SHRM.org). Along with writing, he is a frequent presenter in the Mid-Atlantic region. Tim has lectured on how AI is changing the workforce and the world at world leading institutions (Johns Hopkins University), national conferences (ASAE, MTFoundations) and government economic policy institutions (US Federal Reserve).

Registration will close on March 5.

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