Gloria Larkin reports the recent Government Contracts. Gloria is president and CEO of TargetGov and a national expert in business development in government markets

Awarded Contracts – February 2020

Former GSA Contract Officer Pleads Guilty in $12,000 Bribery Scheme – February 2020

Awarded Contracts – December 2019

A cautionary tale for government contract – December 2019

Contracting jolted out of complacency – November 2019

Awarded contracts– November 2019

Awarded contracts– October 2019

Awarded contracts– September 2019

Awarded contracts- August 2019

Small Business Size Standards– August 2019

Awarded contracts- July 2019

Awarded contracts- June 2019

Awarded contracts- May 2019

Awarded contracts- April 2019

Federal contracting business update– March 2019

Awarded contracts– March 2019

DOD proposal cuts out small businesses – February 2019