TEDCO, Maryland’s economic engine for technology companies, has selected Mindy Lehman as the new chief government relations and policy officer. Lehman brings over 20 years of experience leading government affairs and serving as representative at the state and federal levels.

Lehman held executive leadership roles at Maryland Bankers Association (MBA) for more than 14 years. During her time at MBA, she led governmental affairs and served as an advocate for the industry at all levels of Maryland government.

She also represented MBA at the state and federal level on regulatory and policy issues that emerged from the 2008 housing market crisis and most recently the pandemic. Mindy worked closely with MBA leadership on COVID-19 related initiatives, including: the Paycheck Protection Program; Governor’s Executive Orders; public and private partnerships; and industry efforts to assist customers during financial hardship.

Additionally, she spearheaded MBA’s innovative Emerging Leader program, a flagship offering designed to help build diversity and inclusion while giving participants a unique opportunity to connect with Maryland and national industry leaders.