Technology permeates nearly every aspect of our lives. We are often quick to adopt technologies that bring new levels of convenience to our personal and professional worlds without fully considering the security implications.

As a result, both everyday technology users and technology experts have training needs that will continue to evolve as the cybersecurity industry matures. Community colleges, therefore, must adapt to provide relevant cybersecurity education and training options that meet the broad and everchanging needs of their communities.

Anne Arundel Community College’s (AACC) CyberCenter offers two new training options that are designed to meet specific cybersecurity training needs. These new training initiatives are Cybersecurity Awareness courses designed to help simplify cybersecurity for every technology user and the Cyber Analyst Continuing Education Certificate of Completion program designed for professionals interested in a career as a cyber analyst.

Awareness Training

Accepting cyber risk is a part of our modern world. For the majority of the population, it is not possible to unplug or completely disconnect; therefore, individuals must take personal cybersecurity seriously and build a baseline of knowledge and skills that equip them to be better cybercitizens.

To achieve this goal and help simplify security in the cyber age, AACC’s approach to cybersecurity awareness training is composed of two courses: Simplifying Security in the Cyber Age and Securing Your Cyber World.

The courses address everything from how to secure passwords to defending against social engineering to mobile device security and beyond. These courses are designed to help individuals build a cybersecurity awareness baseline that is essential to becoming a good cybercitizen. The knowledge and skills learned through this training helps participants mitigate the risk in both personal and professional settings.

Continuing Ed Certificate

In direct response to the call for more job-relevant cybersecurity training options, AACC is partnering with OPS Consulting, a Hanover-based company that specializes in intelligence and cyber analytics, to offer contextualized, hands-on training that helps participants prepare for careers as cyber analysts. The curriculum focuses on technical skills and non-technical core competencies to develop practitioners, not theorists.

The entire Continuing Education Certificate of Completion is composed of six courses that increase in complexity as participants advance through the program.

Three of the courses are contextualized to the cyber analyst job role, and the other three prepare participants in part for the Network+, Security+ and Certified Ethical Hacker industry certifications. This type of collaborative training effort helps ensure that the academic environment is closely aligned with industry needs, thereby facilitating an easier transition for the participant from the classroom into the work environment.

Registration is now open for both the Cybersecurity Awareness courses and the Cyber Analyst Continuing Education Certificate of Completion.

Registering as an individual? For more information and to register for an upcoming course, visit AACC’s Technology Training Department at or call 410-777-2106.

Are you an employer with a group of employees interested in training? If so, contact Michael Volk at [email protected] or call 410-777-7047 for exclusive contract section pricing.