Since Dankmeyer was founded 60 years ago, the company has been offering comprehensive and custom orthotic and prosthetic solutions for improving the quality of life of patients. Based in Linthicum, Dankmeyer uses the latest materials and techniques to custom craft prosthetic solutions for adults and children.

“Our client base has remained stable over the years because our focus and commitment to our mission and shared goals have remained stable,” said Mark Hopkins, CEO and president. “We have been able to work closely with our rehabilitation colleagues and referral sources to remain focused on that core business, and turn that into growth, business and clinical success.”

In November 2014, Dankmeyer partnered with the University of Maryland Rehabilitation & Orthopaedic Institute to present a fall edition of Advanced Gait Training for Individuals with Lower Extremity Amputations.

Over the decades, that client base has continued to expand, Hopkins said. “We do now have a growing client base outside of our traditional immediate geographical areas, due to our longevity and success, and due to our relationship with Johns Hopkins, we now have an international client base.”

Dankmeyer’s clients have such life-changing stories that their determination results in word-of-mouth inspiration that, in turn, draws new clients. From patients who thought they’d never walk again to those who use artificial limbs to accomplish their goals, the people who open Dankmeyer’s doors have overcome significant obstacles in their lives.

“It is always a challenge to manage the time necessary to provide high quality, custom service, continue to grow our business and to manage the reimbursement limitations and cost increases from suppliers,” said Hopkins. “We have managed to do that by constantly challenging our processes and make necessary improvements to our systems and processes over the years.”