As Skyline Technology Services, of Glen Burnie, celebrates its 10th anniversary, the company is also celebrating an expansion of a product line focused on video sharing. Skyline’s OneView video sharing solution made news headlines this year as elementary schools in Baltimore County installed a system that will make real-time security footage available to county police, as well as to the county’s Department of School Safety and Security.

“This way we can allow first responders — fire, law enforcement federal law enforcement, and others — to be able to pull up to a school that’s having an incident and allow first responders to see into the school with any type of device (a smartphone, laptop or tablet) and view video without having to install some kind of app,” said Jason Ross, Skyline’s vice president and COO. “Anyone with permission can see it.”

Skyline has also been creating networking, security, infrastructure and intelligent transit solutions for commercial, federal, state and local clients since 2004. “Any time you are watching the news and see live video of the highways and the traffic, that is a result of the type of videosharing product we build,” said Ross.

The region’s transportation agencies have hundreds of cameras on highways, intersections, ramps and portable trailers that connect back to a central location and provide video data about the conditions on the roadways. This data helps transportation engineers manage incidents.

However, access to these video streams outside a closed network used to be difficult due to security requirements and wide-ranging technologies. Skyline’s OneView allows transportation agencies to share live video streams with large groups of consumers, internal stakeholders, media and partner agencies.

The company’s location is ideal, considering its proximity to the state’s transportation hubs and seats of government, said Ross. “We are headquartered in a central location in terms of access to the highways in and between Baltimore and Annapolis.”