Over the years, the Howard County Chamber of Commerce’s events and programs have garnered an enormous amount of attention. But make no bones about it, the organization has always been a strong advocate for business.

The Howard County Chamber is recognized statewide for its advocacy and its regular communications with elected officials at the state and county levels. As part of an ongoing effort to increase membership engagement and overall effectiveness, the Howard County Legislative Affairs Committee (LAC) is being restructured.

Recognizing that there are Chamber members with keen interest and experience in various disciplines, the LAC now has sub-committees in the following areas: Budget, Finance & Taxation; Education/Workforce Development; Environmental & Transportation (includes Water and Land-Use); and Health & Employment/Labor Law (includes Public Health, Health Care).

Building upon last year’s efforts of Cole Schnorf, Manekin LLC, and Alex Adler, HGA Financial, co-chairs, the Legislative Committee looks forward to increasing its momentum. If you are interested in information on participating in the Legislative Division, contact the Chamber.