The Howard County Department of Citizen Services is warning residents to be on alert for calls from individuals who claim they represent the IRS or other government agencies. This warning follows reports to the department’s Office of Consumer Affairs from a number of Howard County residents about a new variation on the IRS imposter scam that began several years ago.

In this new variation, the caller claims to be with the IRS and needs to verify your refund by confirming your refund amount, along with your bank routing and account information. To taxpayers who are expecting a refund, this may appear to be a routine administrative call.

“Taxpayers who provide this information, however, will be giving a con artist access to their bank accounts,” said Rebecca Bowman, administrator of the Office of Consumer Affairs.

For more information/to report a potential scam, contact the Office of Consumer Affairs at 410-313-6420 or visit the Office’s “Scam Alert!” at; residents who have lost money or feel their personal safety is at risk due to a scam should contact the Howard County Police Department’s non-emergency phone number at 410-313-2200 to file a report.