Columbia Association’s (CA) board of directors voted on May 14 to name its chair and vice chair for fiscal 2016, which began May 1 and continues until April 30, 2016. Jeanne Ketley of Town Center will be chairwoman through Nov. 14, 2015, with Andrew Stack of Owen Brown serving as the vice chairman. Stack will then be chairman and Ketley the vice chairwoman from Nov. 15, 2015, until their successors are chosen at a May 2016 CA board meeting.

CA’s board of directors is Reginald Avery (Oakland Mills), Dick Boulton (Dorsey’s Search), Brian Dunn (Kings Contrivance), Janet Evans (Long Reach), Jeanne Ketley (Town Center), Alan Klein (Harper’s Choice), Milton Matthews (CA President/CEO, a non-voting member), Nancy McCord (Wilde Lake), Gregg Schwind (Hickory Ridge), Andrew Stack (Owen Brown) and Chao Wu (River Hill).

Assignments for nearly all of the board committees also were made at the May 14 meeting.

Audit Committee: CA board members Reginald Avery, Gregg Schwind, Chao Wu; community members James Young and Edward Berman; and chief staff liaison Jackie Tuma. The Audit Committee assists the board in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities for the financial reporting process, the system of internal control and the audit process.

External Relations Committee (ERC): CA board members Dick Boulton, Brian Dunn and Alan Klein; chief staff liaison Norma Heim. The ERC is responsible for maintaining effective relationships with residents of Columbia and other community stakeholders, for making sure that volunteer involvement in CA’s programs is highly productive and satisfying, and for addressing each of the board’s key strategic issues as they relate to the responsibilities of the ERC.

Planning and Strategy Committee (PSC): CA board members Nancy McCord, Andrew Stack, Chao Wu; chief staff liaison Jane Dembner. The PSC is accountable for designing and leading the board’s participation in CA’s strategic and operational planning, including budget preparation.

Risk Management Committee (RMC): Chairwoman Susan Krabbe, CA vice president and chief financial officer; CA President/CEO Milton Matthews; CA Board members Reginald Avery, Janet Evans and Gregg Schwind; and community member Richard Shaw. The RMC oversees CA’s general liability self-insurance program.

Strategic Implementation Committee (SIC): CA board members Reginald Avery, Janet Evans, Gregg Schwind; chief staff liaison Susan Krabbe. The SIC is accountable for overseeing CA’s operational performance and the updating of operational policies and systems.

The Board Operations Committee (BOC) has not yet been announced. Its membership includes the chairs of the ERC, PSC and SIC committees — who will be confirmed at the next meeting of CA’s board of directors — as well as the chair of CA’s board of directors; CA President/CEO Milton Matthews and the governance chief of staff, Jane Dembner. The BOC works to ensure the effective functioning of CA’s board and oversees the board’s relationship with CA’s president/CEO. Its chief staff liaison is Janet Loughran.

Also, Dick Boulton and Gregg Schwind were elected to serve as CA’s representatives on the Inner Arbor Trust Board of Directors. CA President/CEO Milton Matthews also is a member of the Inner Arbor Trust Board.