Reworking a branding strategy requires, first, a plan and, second, a clear understanding of what you have in place now and what you need to add.

Next, identify the ways to reach your current customers via social media. Note the places you need to improve.

As you plan and establish goals, learn the differences in return on investment (ROI) measurement.

Social Media ROI cannot be measured in the same way as traditional marketing. ROI is an economic term; results are quantifiable. Successful social media is measured in relationships and participation.

The ROI benefits of social media include the following.

  1. Greater exposure for businesses
  2. Improving traffic/increasing subscribers/growing the opt-in list
  3. Building new partnerships
  4. Increase in search engine optimization (SEO)
  5. Generation of qualified leads
  6. Close business (greater for business-to-business than business-to-customer)
  7. Reduction of overall marketing expenses

Use your brand to engage customers and prospects across channels. In discussions, e-mails, Facebook posts, Twitter messages, contests and blog posts, encourage engagement with your brand.

After branding each channel, encourage social media participation in your marketing efforts (advertisements, commercials, web pages). Invitations to subscribe to your newsletter, fan Facebook and join Twitter should appear everywhere. Well-branded, managed and filled with rich content, these channels will support your traditional marketing efforts while reaching new audiences.

Karen Carpenter is with Galley Creative Group in Ellicott City. She can be reached at 410-997-7777.