Happy 2016

Each December, as I design the January issue, I have to remember to change the volume number and the copyright date. Not that it is a big effort, but it helps bring in the new year with the new edition.

Speaking of which, with this issue, we are marking our 24th year of publishing The Business Monthly — 14 years that Cathy Yost and I have been at the helm. And, for better or worse (I think better), we have continued to keep true to our original mission: To provide professionals in Howard and Anne Arundel counties, local, unbiased, business news. We are looking forward to working with you, with receiving your news, providing advertising space — and seeing you at lots of networking functions and galas during this next year.

2016 Forecast

One of the sections I look forward to each year, is our beginning-of-the-year forecasts provided by industry specialists. Individuals that are knowledgeable in various areas of local and state business and the economy. After eight long years, I am particularly happy to see the headline on page one, “Increasing Sun,” (and I will stick my head in the dirt for the “With Some Clouds”). Even though the numbers indicated improvement over the years, I don’t think people have been confident that the economy really was doing well. There appeared to be more cautiousness than we had seen in the past.

I was part of that cautious behavior — but I am hopeful that we will be able to feel more secure in the years ahead. I don’t expect to go back to where we were prior to 2008, I believe that was a false high. But I am ready for the pendulum to slow down.

The Legislative Session, Election Year

With fewer and fewer publications reporting on activities in Annapolis and on the political arena, The Business Monthly is fortunate to have one of the most respected political analysists in Maryland writing for us. Of course, that is publisher of MarylandReporter.com, Len Lazarick. Between Len and George Berkheimer, also a well-respected reporter, we will be providing extended coverage in the paper and on our weekly e-news BizWeekly.

If you don’t already receive BizWeekly each Tuesday morning via e-mail, I recommend you contact Cathy at [email protected] and sign up. There is no charge and it provides up-to-date, local news as well as legislative updates from MarylandReporter.com. In addition, each week we provide a calendar listing of local business events.

I hope you have a happy 2016 and that The Business Monthly is part of it.