World poetess and Maryland resident N.R. Hart has realized a life-long dream and published her first book of romantic poetry, Poetry and Pearls — a compilation of her finest works from her successful Facebook blog, “Pearls Slipping Off a String” — which is on sale through and select locations.

Hart’s debut volume is available for $29.99; her second release is slated to be available by this spring.

Poetry and Pearls expresses hope, passion, despair, vulnerability, and ultimately, love in Hart’s poetry. She feels her work is very easy for the average person to relate to, as she describes everyday feelings, thoughts and emotions that most people have trouble expressing out loud. “If even one person can relate to my words, then I feel I have done my job as a poet to reveal hidden emotions and feelings,” she said. “The beauty of poetry is that it opens up the heart and heals the soul.”

The publishing process was very time-consuming, but Hart, who is available for interviews via [email protected], is grateful that she was approached by an independent editor who featured her work in an interview, then assisted in the publishing of the book.