Did you know you can access some of the cutting-edge technology developed at the National Security Agency (NSA), with more than 200 patented technologies available for license?

The NSA Technology Transfer Program (TTP) pursues the widest possible application of agency technology to advance science, accelerate mission solutions, promote technology commercialization and benefit the U.S. economy. Through a collaboration called a patent license agreement (PLA), individuals, startups and companies of any size can leverage NSA technology to build or enhance their businesses.

Negotiated individually, PLA terms are composed based upon a company’s technology development plan, the readiness of the technology, additional development requirements, exclusivity of license, estimated market size and any other factors deemed necessary for the agreement.

Once a PLA is in place, the NSA TTP continues to act as a source of assistance for businesses, connecting companies to valuable resources through Maryland’s innovation ecosystem, which includes the Maryland Technology Development Corp. (TEDCO); the Maryland Department of Commerce; county economic development offices; the many entrepreneurial avenues provided by the University of Maryland, including the Dingman Center; and the 28 business incubators across the state.

This ecosystem can help new and growing companies succeed in the commercialization of NSA technology.

Located within NSA’s Research Directorate, TTP is in alignment with the agency’s comprehensive NSA21 campaign, which supports a culture of innovation within the agency and promotes collaboration with industry. TTP also aligns with the White House Cross Agency Priority Goal to move federally funded research from the laboratory (in this case, NSA) to the marketplace.

Eight Steps to Licensing an NSA Patent

  1. Discover: Browse the NSA Technology Catalog. The catalog provides a full listing of the patented NSA technology available for license.
  2. Imagine: Could your company grow further with NSA technologies? Does one of the technologies in the catalog interest you? Imagine adding this technology to your business.
  3. Connect: Contact the NSA TTP. NSA’s portfolio of patents can be reviewed online at www.nsa.gov/techtransfer. Contact NSA TTP at [email protected] for more information.
  4. Engage. Talk with NSA’s inventors. Access the intellect behind NSA’s inventions. Formal documentation validates your intentions and provides the foundation for engagement.
  5. Pitch. Provide your plan for the NSA technology. Did discussions with the inventor convince you that your idea is solid? A business plan outlines your technical, business, marketing and economic strategy.
  6. Decide. Negotiate licensing agreement terms.
  7. Acquire. Put NSA technology to work for you.
  8. Create. New products, new business, new jobs

Move NSA technology from the lab to the commercial marketplace.

NSA’s portfolio of patents can be reviewed online at www.nsa.gov/techtransfer. Contact NSA TTP at [email protected] for more information.

Linda Burger is the NSA Technology Transfer Program director.