The Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship (MCE), an initiative of the Howard County Economic Development Authority (HCEDA), has announced the launch of a 14-part podcast series focused on entrepreneurship and business.

Recorded in the Columbia incubator, the series will focus on the launch of new companies, the growth of existing companies and the building of business culture involving resident and affiliate companies of the MCE.

“Our Unique Assets podcast from the Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship is a great way to highlight the real impact startup companies and our tech council has on the business community,” said Peter Ettinger, executive director of the MCE. “We have a great amount of experience here in creating innovations that change the way we look at business, from cyber to health care, from Ag Tech to transportation. It’s these lessons learned that we feel are important to share beyond our halls. That’s why we did the podcast.”

During the podcast series, host Charles Birney will interview MCE companies and graduates talking about their companies and lessons they have learned, and will hear stories from the startup world. Companies set to appear in the first season are Huntress Labs; Hungry Harvest; Vitus Vet; Vheda Health; Gamers Online; Milestone Sports; SelfSolutions; Social Growth Technologies; Ready, Set, Stem; and Pair.

“The Unique Assets podcast is a great way to highlight the amazing companies that are connected to the Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship,” said HCEDA CEO Lawrence Twele. “This county is full of small businesses and startups doing really cool things, and we want to let everyone know about them. Howard County is the place where bright minds and smart businesses gather.”

The introduction to the series, “What is Unique Assets Podcast?,” was released July 22 and features an introduction to the series by Ettinger. Episode 1, featuring Huntress Labs CEO Kyle Hanslovan on “Threat Detection and Fighting Hackers,” was released on July 29 through Podcast Villages SoundCloud account and on the HCEDA website. The remaining 13 episodes will be released each Friday throughout the summer and into the fall.

“It has been a tremendous pleasure to meet all the companies,” said Birney. “All these people that we have interviewed are all so incredibly different. What happens at MCE is what happens after business school, and that is a fascinating part of what we are looking at.”

The podcast will be featured and hosted under the Podcast Village’s network, which contains other business podcasts, including Launch Podcast, Launch Financial, Practically Social and the Jeff Miller Show, in addition to the MCE’s website. Birney is cofounder of Podcast Village along with Jeff Davis.

The series was made possible by funding from the Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO), which provides funding, networking and mentoring to Maryland’s tech ecosystem.

To hear the podcasts as they are released, visit