Columbia-based MasterPeace Solutions Ltd., a technology accelerator that supports cleared engineers and technologists in commercializing their latest ideas, has announced the launch of two technology startups: Zuul IoT Inc. and SrcLight Inc. The companies are the successful products of MasterPeace Solutions’ innovation factory division, MasterPeace LaunchPad.

Designed as a collaborative environment for engineers to unleash their creativity, MasterPeace LaunchPad takes a novel approach to empowering individuals and teams to experiment and innovate through any medium that addresses a problem of interest.

SrcLight is a community-centric marketplace for Open Source software support. Organized around open source projects, SrcLight brings enterprises that use open source together with the open source developer communities. The company offers enterprises a one-stop shop for all their Open Source support needs at lower costs through its group-funded marketplace and provides communities of open source developers incentives to support and enhance their projects.

Offering an industrial Internet management platform, Zuul IoT’s KeyMaster and Gatekeeper work together to allow enterprises to install connected devices simply and securely and grant access safely. Zuul IoT simplifies the installation, configuration and integration of large-scale connected device deployments, saving time, reducing costs and assuring complete, consistent, auditable and maintainable configurations. The company successfully bridges the gap between Internet of Things (IoT) devices and Identity and Access Management systems.

“Our mission at MasterPeace LaunchPad is to provide engineers with the tools and environment to build great things,” said Drew Cohen, president and chief executive officer, MasterPeace Solutions. “To that end, we provide the platform and processes to combine creative ideas with technical resources, experienced leaders and a purpose-built startup ecosystem to launch new businesses. The successful spin-offs of SrcLight and Zuul IoT are a direct result of those efforts.”