After two years in office, County Executive Steve Schuh released a brief video updating Anne Arundel County citizens on his administration’s progress with accomplishing his five-point plan for making the county the best place to live, work and start a business in Maryland.

“Coming into office, we laid out a bold five-point plan to make our county the best in Maryland,” said Schuh. “I am happy to report that, just two years in, we have made substantial progress on all fronts.”

Highlights discussed in the video include the following:

  • Reducing Taxes and Fees: Anne Arundel County has enacted the largest income tax and fee cuts in county history. The county has also, for two straight years, reduced property tax rates due to its property tax revenue cap.
  • Improving Education: In partnership with the board of education, the county is now undertaking the largest school construction effort in its history, including the development of a new Crofton High School and two new Old Mill high schools.
  • Investing in Public Safety: Anne Arundel County has launched a major effort to improve public safety infrastructure, including the development of a central booking facility, a new police academy and four new fire stations. The county is also increasing the number of public safety personnel to combat heroin distribution and improve response times.
  • Government Reform: County government is reforming land use, procurement and other operating units, and has launched the most significant technology investment effort in the history of the county to bring technology platforms to 21st century standards. The county budget is also structurally balanced for the first time since 2008.
  • Conservation and Quality of Life: Anne Arundel County is moving rapidly to conserve and enhance natural resources with historic investments in waterway improvement, including more than $250 million in more than 300 projects during the next six years. County government is also making significant investments in quality of life infrastructure, including housing communities, health services, new boat ramps, park system, swimming beaches and bike trails.

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