Howard County Government’s Recycling Division has launched a new program, Work Green Howard, to encourage environmentally friendly businesses within the county to report their recycling tonnage and be recognized for their green efforts.

Each year, the Maryland Department of the Environment requires the county to report its total recycling efforts. A 60% recycling rate is currently targeted for 2020, as required by state law.

“Business recycling accounts for more than 50% of the county’s total recycling, and we want to recognize all businesses who report their efforts,” said Howard County Executive Allan Kittleman. “Reporting will not only help us meet our overall recycling goal, but also allow us to recognize those local businesses who are going the extra step to help keep recyclable items out of our landfill.”
Businesses can report their recycling tonnage online at, with tailored forms for the following.

  • Business programs that primarily recycle paper, cans, bottles and cardboard in one container (single stream)
  • More complex business programs that recycle multiple material types (single stream and/or electronics, scrap metal, textiles, white goods, etc.)
  • Business programs that primarily target organic materials (food scraps, wood waste, animal manure, etc.)

Those who report their recycling tonnages online will be certified as a Work Green Howard business and will receive a special designation to acknowledge their participation in the program. The deadline to apply for certification is Friday, March 31. For more information, visit or call 410-313-6444.