On March 22, the nonprofit Cybersecurity Association of Maryland Inc. (CAMI), in partnership with PNC Bank and Point3 Security, hosted the inaugural Maryland Cybersecurity Awards Celebration.
Before a sold-out crowd of 250 attendees at Baltimore’s American Visionary Art Museum, CAMI presented 13 awards to Maryland companies, organizations and individuals judged to have outstanding cybersecurity products, services and programs, or who have made a substantial contribution to the state’s cybersecurity industry.
CAMI enlisted the participation of Digital Harbor Foundation students to design the awards, with the winning designs coming from two 13- and 15-year-old sisters, Aiyanah and N’Dera Muhammad.
“With almost 75 nominations for six awards, it was clear we needed top professionals with not only a deep understanding of cyber, but also the ability to make difficult decisions” for the judging, said PNC Bank Senior Vice President Jay Turakhia.
Awards judges came from a broad cross section of businesses, media and state government offices.

Regional Awards
In addition to specific award categories, awards were also presented to companies and organizations considered “Best Of” their respective jurisdictions.
“The counties represented are exceptionally proud of their homegrown talent and created their own judging processes to evaluate all of the award nominees and select one winner,” said Turakhia.
Winners of the regional “Best Of” category awards were SecuLore Solutions, Odenton; ZeroFOX, Baltimore City; bwtech@UMBC Cyber Incubator, Catonsville; Antietam Technologies, Frederick; Sealing Technologies, Columbia; and Cryptonite, Montgomery County.
According to Anne Arundel Economic Development Corp. Senior Vice President Mary Burkholder, SecuLore Solutions’ flagship product, Paladin, sits outside the firewall to protect public safety organizations from ransomware attacks.
“CEO Tim Lorello spotted a national disaster in the making and established the first business in the nation to move swiftly to address it,” Burkholder said, noting that the product has already been used to mitigate the impact of an attack on a large Maryland public safety organization.
Patrick Wynn, vice president of cyber business development for the Howard County Economic Development Authority, discussed Sealing Technologies, noting that the company provides testing and evaluation, penetration testing, risk assessments and related services.
“In partnership with DISA (Defense Information Systems Agency), they developed and hosted a defensive cyberoperations exercise at Fort Meade that included security operations for all four services,” Wynn said.
Sealing Technologies team members designed and built simulated base and demilitarized zone infrastructure environments, integrating them with Joint Regional Security Stacks to allow operators to “fight like they train and train like they fight,” Wynn said. “This exercise was seen as a huge success, and our winner has been asked to conduct numerous additional events in 2017.”

Individual Awards
CAMI’s Innovator of the Year, Terbium Labs of Baltimore City, designed a fingerprinting technique that creates one-way digital signatures enabling them to quickly identify compromised client information on the dark web without a prerequisite need for a client to reveal the data.
Baltimore-based ZeroFOX, a social media security pioneer that can identify targeted attacks and enable prevention and threat blocking with its protection cloud, was named CAMI’s Defender of the Year.
Year Up Baltimore received CAMI’s Cybersecurity Diversity Trailblazer Award. Year Up provides urban young adults with cybersecurity, information technology and business operations experience and support to help advance their careers, and also provides internships with corporate partners.
Named CAMI’s Cybersecurity Company to Watch, SecuLore Solutions was recognized for its exceptional vision and its demonstrated plans for exponential future growth.
“They provide a cyberbenchmark based on FCC, DHS and NIST cyber guidelines for public safety,” said presenter Gina Abate, CEO of Edwards Performance Solutions. “That helps an agency put the appropriate procedures in place to protect their information. SecuLore is preparing to be the nation’s leading cybersecurity brand in public safety.”
The Cybersecurity Industry Resource Award was presented to the Maryland Technology Development Corp. (TEDCO), of Columbia.
“Over the past two years this organization has invested $1.6 million into 16 Maryland cybersecurity companies via its Cybersecurity Fund,” said presenter Michael Ryan, CEO of South River Technologies.
TEDCO’s Marketing Vice President Tammi Thomas said it was reassuring to see many of the organization’s portfolio companies in attendance and nominated for awards. “It’s great to see that we’re creating value in a way that we hoped to.”

Cyber Champions
Accepting the award for Cybersecurity Champion was Annapolis-based RedZone Technologies CEO Bill Murphy. The award honors an individual who has had a profoundly positive impact on the cybersecurity community.
“He has been leading industry collaboration with innovation since founding his company in 1991, is the host of the CIO and XO Mastermind Group and founder of the DC Chapter of the Singularity,” said presenter Britta Vander Linden, deputy chief of staff for the Maryland Governor’s Office. “He was one of the first to recognize the need for education to help C-suite executives better understand cybersecurity and improve defenses.”
Finalists in all six categories were eligible for CAMI’s People’s Choice Award, which was presented to Mansur Hasib, program chair of the Graduate Cybersecurity Technology program in The Graduate School at the University of Maryland University College (UMUC), Anne Arundel County.
“When I was the CIO of Constellation Energy 30 years ago, I was helping one company,” Hasib said. “But when I teach, I’m helping thousands to become the next generation of cyberwarriors. I saw one of my students winning an award here, and one of my former employees works for Sealing Technologies. It’s a good feeling to know that what I’m doing has a bigger impact in this industry.”
CAMI Executive Director Stacey Smith said the award ceremony serves as a chance to reflect on Maryland’s great opportunity to lead the world in confronting what is becoming a multi-trillion-dollar challenge.
“I’m proud to say that CAMI is the nation’s only statewide cybersecurity trade group, and that we offer the nation’s only state cybersecurity company online directory,” she said. “CAMI is laser focused on helping our Maryland cybersecurity industry capture billions of sales dollars and bring thousands of new jobs to Maryland by becoming a recognized leading global brand.”