Little did Howard Lasky know that Town Grill’s new location at Foster’s Country Store would be an instant hit among the community.

But for the local community starving for a local place to eat — and a local gathering spot at the corner of Triadelphia and Frederick roads — it means everything. The barbecue and smokehouse restaurant is now centrally located, close to mile marker 17 on a nearly five-mile stretch of the Historic National Road, Route 144, between routes 40 and 32.

For a number of years, the surrounding community of more than 1,000 households has yearned for a restaurant in the location known for many years as Foster’s Country Store.

“The Town Grill has always been a great place to go,” said Howard County Executive Allan Kittleman, as he presented a certificate of appreciation to Lasky. “Now, [it’s in an even] better location,” he noted as he drives by a restaurant that’s always full of people.

Kittleman and a host of others from the local community — including representatives from Howard County Economic Development Authority and Visit Howard County — dropped by the new location on June 21 to cut the ribbon and kick off the coming Saturday’s grand opening celebration, “Blues, Beverages & Blues,” featuring The Deanna Bogart Band.

Community Attraction

The Town Grill has always been a gathering place, according to Lasky, who with his wife Susan, started the restaurant in the back of a Lisbon gas station in 2007.
For 10 years, “It was a place that the community could come for some pretty good food,” said Lasky. “But, it quickly became more than that. It was a place where farmers could gather to talk about what crops they’re growing or who has the fastest horses. It was a place where people could gather to solve the problems of the world, you could just come for breakfast and join in on the conversation.”

Fostering Community

“I love the tagline — ‘Fostering Community Around the Table’ — and how it ties into the original name,” said Howard County Councilman Greg Fox. “For me, anytime we have an expanding business, it’s a great thing; if it’s food, it’s even better.”

That tagline is exactly what the Town Grill is all about. “A neighborhood is known by the people who live in it,” said Lasky. “A community is a group of people that have that common cultural experience and a little bit of historical heritage.”

In addition to the food, the patrons take time to enjoy that historic community connection within the new location. They take in the local lore from the historic photos, many showing locals from long ago and more, walls decorated with artifacts.

Lasky hopes to soon expand the restaurant with some additional outdoor seating and “Foster’s Park” on two acres of green space to provide a place the community can enjoy and where local events can take place.

Finding Town Grill

Whether you’re a local, a cyclist or a passerby, you’ll love the taste of the “best local barbecue” at Town Grill. A welcoming weigh station with a casual atmosphere, the restaurant offers with a robust menu including barbecue, smokehouse meats, specialty items and big country breakfasts. Open for daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the Town Grill at Foster’s Country Store is located next to the Pink Cabbage at 11707 Frederick Road, on the western edge of Ellicott City. For more information, visit