Howard County Executive Allan Kittleman has announced plans for four major flood mitigation projects totaling approximately $18 million for Ellicott City. These projects were selected after a comprehensive analysis was completed with extensive input from the community.
The announcement came during a ceremony where Kittleman and Council Chairperson Jon Weinstein presented the One EC Recovery project with a check for $50,000 to continue its efforts to support the recovery of residents. The projects consist of several large stormwater retention facilities in the watershed, as well as a series of culvert and channel improvements in Ellicott City’s West End. In order to accomplish these projects, Kittleman will look to partners at the state and federal levels as their support is crucial to the projects’ implementation.
“These four projects will have the largest immediate impact to mitigate future flood damage in Ellicott City,” said Kittleman. “These are our next best steps as we continue to rebound from last year’s flood and rebuild Ellicott City as a model resilient community.”
Kittleman said that while these projects will alleviate a significant amount of the flooding, building owners still must do their part to flood-proof buildings and property.
The projects that will be pursued are as follows.
• A Tiber Branch stormwater retention facility, which will cost approximately $4,167,000
• A New Cut Branch stormwater retention facility, which will cost approximately $3,587,000
• A Hudson Branch stormwater retention facility at the US 29/40 interchange, which will cost approximately $5,112,000
• Storm drain improvements along Frederick Road, which will cost approximately $5.3 million
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