At its core, Leadership Howard County is an organization that cares deeply about its community, believes in the power of developing leaders so their impact can be multiplied and continually challenges itself to find new and better ways to fulfill its mission. Its primary purpose is to create a better community, and our graduates, who represent all sectors of the community, are challenged and inspired to make Howard County a better place to live, do business, raise families and envision a brighter future for all.

Each year, Leadership class participants bring a new energy to our programs, and each year our graduates carry forward our mission by continuing their meaningful engagement in community service.

Another important way our graduates serve is by helping Leadership Howard County continually improve the programs we offer. Committees plan each session day for the current class and continually find ways to make the presentations relevant and engaging. They connect the class members with key decision-makers and experts in their field, designing lessons and opportunities for everyone to engage in meaningful dialogues and future partnerships.

LHC graduates also can stay informed through participation in a variety of alumni events, planned by the General Membership steering committee. We are proud to offer many opportunities to explore topics that are important and challenging for our community to solve.

We are very grateful for the extraordinary support Leadership Howard County receives from the business, government and nonprofit communities. Our goal is to empower individuals to strengthen and serve the many organizations that contribute to our quality of life, and we are able to meet this goal through the generous support of our sponsors and members.

Our board of directors is dedicated to the future of Leadership Howard County, and together, we are committed to reaching out to the wider community, finding the unique places where our leadership will make a difference and ensuring our organization stays true to its mission, vision and values.

We hope to see you soon at one of our events, alumni meetings or as a participant in one of our programs. Thanks to all of you for your tremendous efforts and contributions to Leadership Howard County, and to the Howard County community.