How often have you heard the refrain, “Someone should do something”? Whether it is about our economy, our health care, immigration rights or civil rights, or our personal safety, we all agree that, these days, there is a lot of room for improvement. Someone should fix everything that is troubling our society and our communities.

As community leaders, it is up to us to respond. Waiting for someone else is not an option; concerned citizens know there is a call to action for effective community leadership on a local, state and national level. We know that positive change will only come when effective leadership empowers all of us to build strong communities that lift everyone up.

Leadership Howard County (LHC) is a part of a national movement called “community leadership.” Our mission is to “empower individuals to strengthen and transform our community.” By working and learning together, participants of all ages and skills — from high school through the senior ranks of existing leaders from corporate, government and nonprofit organizations — broaden their understanding of community issues. Individuals who come into our programs have one thing in common: They are looking for ways to improve Howard County and develop themselves.

Our programming also provides the opportunity for lifelong leadership development for our graduates. We strive to create an environment in which people participate in a variety of creative and meaningful ways. Each year we introduce our community’s newest business leaders as keynote speakers, giving them a forum to share their visions for the future. Our small member forums and community projects give our members access to influential leaders and decision-makers, and their creative solutions address Howard County’s challenges in a variety of ways. As you read through the profiles and stories about the impact of our projects in this issue, we believe it will be apparent that Leadership Howard County is the resource for connecting citizens who want to be involved in building a positive foundation for their families, businesses and communities.

Now is the time for you to consider an investment in your future — and discover how Leadership Howard County can help you play a critical role in strengthening and transforming our community. This program is an extraordinary opportunity to learn about our county and to develop a broad network of colleagues and associates who are at the forefront of current issues and challenges in our community.

To find out more about LHC’s programs and to view an online application, go to We believe that one of the distinct qualities of our graduates is their capacity to provide the necessary leadership for difficult challenges and the willingness to invest time and talents in bettering our community. Join us now.