The Howard County Board of Education adopted its Operating Budget Request for the 2018–19 school year totaling $906.8 million. The amount requested represents $87.7 million, or 10.7%, over the amount funded for the fiscal 2018 school year, as well an additional $50.5 million request for one-time funds during the next several years.

The recurring amount requested from the county is $583.2 million, which is at the Maintenance of Effort level. An additional request for county funding includes $11.4 million in one-time costs for fiscal 2019, as well as a $50.5 million request from the county to address the Health Fund deficit accrued during fiscal 2017 and fiscal 2018. The Howard County Public School System will work with the county to develop a multi-year plan to eliminate this accrued debt of $50.5 million.

The total request for state funding is $249.3 million, an increase of $10.7 million from fiscal 2018. The remaining budget includes funding from federal and other sources totaling $12.6 million.
The Capital Budget request includes funding for costs associated with locating and constructing a new 13th county high school, targeted to open in fall 2023; an addition to increase school capacity at Waverly Elementary School, scheduled for completion in August 2018; and the final phase of construction of New Elementary School No. 42, scheduled to open in Elkridge in August 2018. Additional funding is allocated for systemic renovations, which include replacements and upgrade of rooftops and heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems at several schools.

The Capital Budget and Capital Improvement Program Request provides for an accelerated start date for the Hammond High School addition project, and reflects $98.6 million in reductions for planned projects to accommodate projected county and state funding levels.