Laurel Mayor Craig Moe has written a letter to Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan to express his opposition to the proposed MAGLEV high speed train. The text follows.

“I have listened and read much about the proposed MAGLEV for the region and I believe I have a thorough understanding of the proposed project and more importantly, understand how it will affect the greater Laurel area.

“As Mayor of the City of Laurel, I am not opposed to regional transportation needs, in fact I support and encourage improvements that will provide our residents with more and improved transportation options to travel to and from their places of employment. However, to be clear I am opposed to the proposed MAGLEV project because I believe the project will not adequately serve the current and projected future needs of the residents of Laurel and surrounding communities.

“The MAGLEV Project as proposed will cut through Prince George’s County, taking people’s homes and land while seriously damaging our environment but providing no benefit to the greater Laurel area or Prince George’s County.

“I believe the exorbitant costs anticipated to design and construct the MAGLEV Project would be better expended on conducting a comprehensive review of the existing transportation elements serving the region, including the needs of Prince George’s County and the Laurel area. 

The goal of the study should be to provide a list of projects to be funded geared towards enhancing and expanding the existing transportation network to include expanding and improving bus lines, including replacement high capacity busses, expanding the Amtrak System and the MARC service, in particular the Camden Line, and providing shuttle services for business corridors.

“As you are aware, our region needs to have more and better intraregional transportation options to move people to and from their residences and places of employment. 

During my travels in and around Laurel, I have repeatedly heard that this is a train to nowhere! I share that thought and believe that taxpayers need better infrastructure and upgraded services, and not the commitment of funds for another system that serves no one in the greater Laurel area.”