The Howard County Public School System (HCPSS) Board of Education has voted to move forward with the Mission Road site for high school No. 13. The board directed staff to complete the land acquisition for the purposes of constructing the new high school, which is slated to open in 2023.
The Mission Road site is located at 8601 Route 1 in the Chase Land Subdivision and is approximately 77 acres in size. The site can accommodate an elementary and high school campus to serve future HCPSS student population growth, in addition to recreation and parkland with a water tower. Howard County Government is in the process of acquiring this property under an MOU negotiated in May 2016.
Construction is scheduled to start in December 2019 and be completed by September 2023. The total estimated project cost for high school No. 13 is $124 million.
The board also considered Troy Park as a site for the high school, but now will direct staff to continue the steps to land bank portions of the park for use of a future school. The board’s review included considerations such as air quality testing, an environmental assessment and student travel time. In anticipation of the site selection, the board reviewed a report on Feb. 8 and held a public hearing on Feb. 22.