A new organization, Hunting Works For Maryland, estimates that hunters in the state generate $401 million in economic activity, much of which is spent at locally-owned businesses throughout Maryland. More than 65 organizations have signed on to be part of the free initiative.

“More than 88,000 people hunt in Maryland each year. Each of these hunters spends, on average, $3,000 a year. This spending is felt throughout the economy of Maryland,” said Deb Carter, executive director of the Maryland Association of Campgrounds and a co-chair of Hunting Works For Maryland.

“Hunting generates $32 million in state and local taxes, which obviously benefits everyone who lives in Maryland,” said Sen. John Astle, a Hunting Works For Maryland co-chair who represents District 30 in the state senate. “Here’s something a lot of non-hunters don’t know: Hunters pay a tax on their equipment, known as the Pittman-Robertson Act. After it’s collected, this money is reallocated to every state and used for the express purpose of conserving wild habitat. That benefits non-game animal species, and it benefits everyone who enjoys the outdoors – hikers, campers and birdwatchers. These are the kinds of facts we want to make common knowledge.”

“In addition to generating tax revenue, hunting also supports thousands of jobs in the state of Maryland and draws as many as 19,000 out-of-state hunters each year as well,” said Ruth Toomey, a co-chair, and executive director of the Maryland Tourism Coalition. “Maryland hunters spend $50 million on trip-related expenses each year, and another $128 million per year on equipment.”