The Hogan Company is no longer the developer of the long-proposed Enclave development. The new developer has eliminated the townhomes and currently has 64 two over twos. The project, now called Brookfield Crofton Grove has long been proposed for Crofton’s front gate.

The new developer is Brookfield Crofton Grove – a Canadian company that is incorporated in Delaware but located in Virginia. The company is not listed as a company in good standing in Maryland because it it failed to submit an annual report which was due in April 2019 along with a $300 fee. If the 2020 annual report and related fee is also not filed, the business license will be forfeited, and the business can no longer do business in the state of Maryland.

According to the State Department of Assessments as well as a state law office, Brookfield Crofton has until April 2020 to file the report. “This is a bizarre situation,” said community activist and former state delegate Marsha Perry. “Will the county grant modifications/permissions to a developer this isn’t in good standing with the State. We shall see.”

The new Brookfield plans are almost identical to the previous plans and are available for viewing at the Crofton Town Hall. Perry and fellow Crofton activist Pat Huecker have requested a meeting at the Maryland Department of the Environment to review the submitted plans and reports, especially about the possible disturbance of the wetlands and flood plain on the development site.

“The new developers’ application was rife with errors,” said Perry, “such as saying that once the units are built the floodplain will have been ‘revised,’ with no new units proposed in the new flood plain location. That’s absurd.”