Digital Harmonic, of Ellicott City, announced it released the first version of its automatic image enhancement technology, PurePixel.

With a suite of software products planned, Digital Harmonic’s initial offering provides the ability to enhance the quality of data in images, video and streams. PurePixel performs automatic recognition and programmatic manipulation of pixel values to correct and amplify detail, enhance contrast, and reduce noise. Residing upstream of a machine learning image classifier, PurePixel is little more than a “bump in the wire” in any real-time image, video or stream processing workflow.

With less than one frame delay, PurePixel can either stream or store the heightened information and is operational on Electro-Optic, Infrared, Synthetic Aperture Radar, Multi-and Hyper-Spectral image and Non-Imaging IR systems. In various machine learning image classifiers, PurePixel has continually demonstrated increased object detection and proper classification in the areas of Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance, quality control in manufacturing and agriculture, security, navigation, forensics and other domains.

“PurePixel will augment existing systems and interface as a plug-in to provide programmatic enhancement that significantly increases the quality and usability of images, videos and streams,” said Digital Harmonic CEO Scott Haiges. “PurePixel is redefining ‘state of the art’ in image, video and real-time stream enhancement, and is changing the game for computer vision.”