Columbia-based QuoLab Technologies has entered the security operations market with a collaborative, data-centric security operations platform. Born from an EU-based services company, QuoScient, QuoLab provides solutions to security challenges by affording the ability to process data at scale and enable human operators to deliver on their mission efficiently.

Partners and key personnel responsible for the original platform design, Fabien Dombard and Daniel Young, will lead QuoLab to advance the market in a proactive direction.

“This industry has a long history of capturing data and attempting to transform [it] into actionable intelligence,” said Dombard, partner and CTO at QuoLab. “Our data sources continue to expand and investments in security tools, while constantly growing, cannot keep up, leaving teams buried and segmented. QuoLab breaks down the silos between security teams to embolden information sharing while translating threat data into relevant, actionable intelligence.”

When integrated into an enterprise network, the QuoLab platform becomes the data-centric workbench from which all action takes place, including the ingesting, analyzing, tracking, managing and investigating of threat data and alerts. It cuts data and malware processing times by 50 percent and increases the speed by which internal and external threats are matched by 480 percent.