The Business Monthly was recognized for journalistic excellence by the Maryland-Delaware-DC Press Association last week, during its annual awards competition.

The awards honored The Business Monthly editorial, design, production and advertising staff.

“I believe this was the first time that The Business Monthly competed with our media peers and we did very well,” said Daniel Medinger, owner and publisher of the 28-year old publication. “Virtually every member of The Business Monthly received at least one award. I don’t think many publications can make that claim. We have an excellent team serving our readers, advertisers and our community.”

The contest, governed by the Association’s Editorial and Advertising Committees, received nearly 1,900 entries from 52 member publications. These entries were judged by news media professionals at the Iowa Press Association

In the category of Feature Page Design, Pantea Tofangchi received both First Place and Best in Show for the July tourism section “Celebrating summer fun.”

The judges said, “Love the bright colors. Really draws the reader in.”

The First Place award for Custom Publication went to Susan Kim, Regina Lasco and Pantea Tofangchi for the Central Maryland Chamber Relocation and Business Guide.

The judges said, “They did an outstanding job with this publication. The way it was laid out, all of the advertising was great and very easy to differentiate from the rest of the content.”

Mark Smith received a First Place award for “Environmental Reporting” for his article entitled “Who you gonna’ call?” about a new business that picks up dog litter.

The judges said, “I cannot believe how much I enjoyed a story on dog poop! Educational as well.”

George Berkheimer received a First Place award for “Medical/Science Reporting” for his article entitled “Defending the Earth” about plans to block asteroids from hitting the planet.

The judges said, “Well written, interesting and it explained why this matters to a regular reader, which is important in this type of reporting.”

Berkheimer also received a Second Place Award for his article “Kirwan promotes new education Plan.”

He also received a Second Place award for Business Reporting for his article “Employment planned for autistic adults.”

Len Lazarik received a Second Place award for State Government reporting with his column entitled, “Accountability key to more school money.”

Susan Kim received a Second Place award for “The buzz on bugs.”

In 2019, The Business Monthly grew readership by about 40 percent and expanded distribution up to 380 outlets as well as increased the number of paid mail subscribers.

“Our community needs a vibrant print media to tell the story of all the creative, diverse and dynamic activity of our business community,” Medinger said. “The Business Monthly team is doing a great job and we look forward to more opportunities ahead.”