The Howard County Economic Development Authority (HCEDA), and the HCEDA Board of Directors, are honored to belong to and reside in a county that practices inclusivity, civility and equal opportunity for all residents. Respecting the lives and rights of our fellow community members will always be at the forefront of our mission as we continue to help build a community that can adapt and become resilient together.

While the events of 2020 have tested our community, we, at HCEDA, recognize our duty as local leaders and members of the community, to promote and develop a dynamic, inclusive, and prosperous economy and social environment for all of Howard County’s citizens.

Change in our country and our society almost always comes through advocacy, and discomfort frequently precedes progress. It is a right and a process enshrined in our Constitution. We stand with those who are now making their voices heard and echo their commitment to justice and equal opportunity for all.  As we continue to recover and establish a new normal in response to COVID-19, we are reminded to treat all people with respect and compassion. As an organization that serves all the people throughout the business community, HCEDA will not tolerate hate or discrimination of any kind.

HCEDA is committed to supporting the Howard County business community through equitable economic development opportunities for all Howard County residents.