KlariVis, a proprietary data analytics software platform developed by bankers for bankers, announced that Baltimore-based Howard Bank selected the company to access transformative data enabling greater insight into customer, market, branch, officer and product information.

In 2018, Howard Bank completed a merger nearly doubling the size of the institution, and quickly recognized the need for a solution to better aggregate and more easily analyze the various sources of data available across the enterprise. According to the bank’s Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer Steve Poynot, “Enhancing access to data was prioritized as one of our top strategic initiatives. We have an abundance of data but saw an opportunity to drive data driven decisions across our entire enterprise.”

KlariVis gives bankers insight into key data elements influencing their institution, such as deposit account growth, fee income, loan growth and trends, customer engagement levels, credit quality trends, financial results and more. KlariVis delivers this data seamlessly and allows bankers to quickly digest the information and focus their attention on the transformative items that will increase customer engagement and ultimately drive revenue to the bottom line.

Most recently during the pandemic, Poynot noted that efficient, remote access to data was the missing link. “In a three-week period of time, we took an organization that had worked remotely on a very limited, small scale, to a completely remote environment. During this process, we realized the one thing we needed, the missing piece, to better help our customers and provide tailored solutions was better actionable data. It became glaringly obvious that data was the missing piece.”

The bank, with $2.5 billion in assets, operates 15 branches throughout the greater Baltimore Metropolitan area.