Columbia-based Ambu, a medical device maker of single-use endoscopes, has received Health Canada clearance for the aScope 4 Cysto, the company’s innovative flexible cystoscope platform for urology. The launch will give urologists across Canada immediate access to a single-use cystoscope option for diagnosing, managing, and treating lower urinary disorders such as hematuria, incontinence and bladder cancer.

Ambu’s aScope 4 Cysto is a cost-effective, high-quality flexible endoscope featuring excellent maneuverability and optics. Unlike traditional reusable endoscopes, single-use eliminates the significant capital, repair and cleaning costs required to ensure a patient-ready instrument for every procedure.

Each aScope 4 cystoscope is sterile from the package and ready when needed, enabling facilities to improve workflow efficiencies and reallocate staff from complex, time-consuming endoscope cleaning to more productive activities.

“We know there are challenges in today’s urology clinics – such as COVID-19-created procedure backlogs – that the aScope 4 Cysto can directly address,” said Doug Pedersen, Ambu Canada’s National Sales Director. “By providing a new paradigm for increasing outpatient throughput that isn’t constrained by reprocessing or capital budgets, we can improve urology clinic workflows and patient scheduling flexibility.”

Ambu’s new cystoscope is utilized with the company’s aView 2 Advance, a state-of-the-art, high-definition display for video endoscopy. The compact and portable unit is easily transported throughout the hospital or from room to room, can be connected to EHR/EMR systems, and provides image and video procedure recording for documentation or for immediate review with the patient. The aView 2 Advance platform supports the company’s entire line of single-use flexible endoscopes for cystoscopy, bronchoscopy and rhinolaryngoscopy.