Health Tech Alley, a nonprofit organization and Maryland Innovation Center (MIC) resident company in Columbia, has received a Sprint Challenge Grant from the U.S Economic Development Administration. The nationwide grant is designed to help address pandemic resilience and health equity through innovation and technology. Only one in five applicants were awarded a grant in this highly competitive program.

With the Sprint Challenge Grant, Health Tech Alley will focus on addressing community needs and working with local organizations to develop innovative solutions that enhance health equity. Their initiative, entitled Catalyzing Advances in Technology for Community Health (CATCH), seeks to close the gap between health tech entrepreneurs and the communities they aim to serve. The mission is to empower innovators in the region through its CATCH quick-start accelerator for health tech entrepreneurs.

The CATCH program will facilitate more rapid and scalable adoption of Health IT and Digital Health solutions to benefit under-resourced healthcare organizations and underserved communities across Central Maryland. To accomplish this goal, the CATCH program will work to upskill the Health IT workforce by collaborating with local entrepreneurs focused on primary care and digital health solutions. The program will also focus on fostering alliances between healthcare organizations operating in underserved areas and their local government agencies. “We are very proud of being selected for this award and look forward to working with local partners to best serve our communities”, said the Health Tech Alley Team.

Founded in 2020 by Greg Miller, Arty Varanasi and Robert Zimmerman, Health Tech Alley is a nonprofit that exists to serve health care organizations in providing quality and affordable health care.