GCOM a Columbia-based provider of cutting-edge technology solutions, announced the acquisition of Qlarion, a data analytics and business intelligence firm. The partnership will give state and local governments best-in-class data analysis with leading technologies solutions that enable governments to achieve their desired outcomes. Qlarion, of Reston, Va., is GCOM’s fifth acquisition since 2018 and its first in the data analytics space.

The acquisition coincides with a shift in the role technology has played to deliver services during a time of unparalleled crisis, precipitated by COVID-19. GCOM’s leadership considers data the critical next step to help governments make the best decisions for their constituents. Qlarion’s comprehensive enterprise data analytics services and track record with state and local government make it a powerful addition to GCOM’s suite of solutions.

“Liberating data will enable governments, at all levels, to make more informed decisions, creating better outcomes for their constituents,” said GCOM CEO Kamal Bherwani. “Qlarion’s analytics will amplify GCOM’s mission to support our government partners to improve population well-being, promote equity, and drive economic growth.”

Qlarion provides its customers with on-the-ground, real-time feedback, giving unprecedented visibility across government services and decision making. Qlarion designed the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Framework for Addiction Analysis and Community Transformation (FAACT), a cross-agency data-sharing initiative that helps communities in the Commonwealth combat opioid addiction.  In 2020, FAACT was expanded as a key part of Virginia’s response to COVID-19 and was recently awarded a Best-In-Class GCN Innovation Award and a NASCIO State IT Recognition Award.

GCOM’s technology platforms are deployed across 22 states and helps to support 2.7 million mothers, infants and children as part of the WIC program, and we are excited to offer additional insights to our partners to improve nutrition security for women and children. Qlarion will continue to be operated by its existing management team as a separate business unit and maintain offices in Reston and Richmond, Va.