Advanced Refining Technologies (ART), the joint venture of Columbia-based W. R. Grace & Co. and Chevron, today announced that its ICR 450 catalysts have received the 2021 Hydrocarbon Processing award for Best Catalyst Technology. The award honors the downstream energy segment’s leading innovations, as well as outstanding personal contributions to the industry.

ART’s 5th generation ICR 450 catalysts were designed from the molecular level by developing new shape-selective zeolite. The new zeolite allows the active sites to carry out isomerization with higher yield and less by-products. It also minimizes the impacts of feed contaminants on active sites, allowing isomerization at much lower temperatures with challenging feeds.

Because ICR 450 catalysts are more robust, the lube hydrocracker is less constrained by contaminant concerns and free to maximize unconverted oil feed to the dewaxing unit. The higher activity and selectivity of the ICR 450 catalysts also allow higher throughput in dewaxing units with better base oil yields.