GCOM, of Columbia, has acquired ASR Analytics, a leader in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and advanced analytics for federal, state, and local governments, as well as higher education institutions.

ASR is GCOM’s seventh acquisition since 2018 and its second in the data analytics space.

The acquisition supercharges GCOM’s ability to support its government clients by embedding AI/ML into its suite of services and SaaS solutions. ASR has a strong track record of deploying solutions that are “AI first,” leveraging analytical models to detect fraud, automate workflows and improve customer experience.

RevHub, ASR’s enterprise tax analytics platform, will be a new addition to GCOM’s product line-up. RevHub uses natural language processing and behavioral analytics to uncover insider threats, identify potential noncompliance, and predict how legislative changes will affect revenue.

The comprehensive solution optimizes revenue capture strategies, helping governments secure the funding needed to deliver vital services and improve community outcomes. In addition to expanding GCOM’s capabilities in fraud and tax analytics, the acquisition broadens ASR’s hybrid cloud offering for Student Success Analytics, which provides a complete lifecycle view of student enrollment, equity and outcomes for higher education institutions.

The partnership also creates a new federal practice at GCOM, to be led by ASR Founding Principal Michael Stavrianos. ASR has proven success developing data-driven solutions for federal agencies, including The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and The Department of Veterans Affairs.