Columbia-based W. R. Grace & Co., a prominent independent supplier of polyolefin catalyst technology, polypropylene (PP) process technology, and technology services, announced the successful start-up of two 400 KTA UNIPOL PP process technology lines at Oriental Energy in Ningbo, China.

This brings the total UNIPOL PP operating capacity in China to more than 6.3 million tons per annum in the last twelve years making homopolymer, random and impact copolymers to serve the growing market for high performance plastics in China. As of today, we expect another 2 million tons per annum to come on stream in the next few years from UNIPOL® PP Process Technology in China.

“The safe and successful start-up of the two UNIPOL PP lines at the Ningbo facility is an exciting moment for Oriental Energy. It comes at a critical time as the global economy bounces back from the pandemic and customer demand in the region rises. We are committed to our Chinese customers and look forward to supporting Oriental Energy for years to come to ensure their continued success,” said David Hartill, vice president of global licensing and services.

Oriental Energy currently has the largest UNIPOL PP process technology operating capacity in China, and there are plans to build additional polypropylene lines at their sites in Ningbo and Maoming in the coming years. They anticipate producing several grades of homopolymers, random and impact copolymers with these newest lines to meet the expanding resin requirements of their customers in the region.