Cybersecurity software firm Enclave Networks has closed a $1 million funding round led by existing investors Next Big Thing with Columbia-based cyberinvestors Gula Tech Adventures.

Enclave Networks has developed proprietary technology to improve the security and resilience of computer networks, while simultaneously making them more straightforward to set up and manage. The investment will support Enclave’s go-to-market strategy and expansion into new markets, including the USA.

In 2021, about four in 10 businesses identified breaches or attacks on their networks, according to the Government’s Cyber Security Breach Survey. Enclave, a Zero Trust software-as-a-service (SaaS) product, makes connectivity within businesses and their supply chains simpler and more secure. This is accomplished by ensuring connecting systems are invisible to unauthorized third parties unlike Virtual Pirate Network server solutions, which are openly visible to the public Internet for anyone to discover and connect to.

As businesses worldwide grapple with the security challenges of a new ‘work-from-home force’ in the wake of the pandemic, Enclave offers a solution that allows organizations to continue delivering their work remotely and securely, even when operating within increasingly complex multi-cloud environments.