ThreatBlockr, the autonomous cyber intelligence and active threat defense platform, announced its new brand identity and $5 million in funding. This funding round was led by Gula Tech Adventures, Tenfore Holdings, Saul Holdings and Lord Baltimore Capital Partners.

The round also included other existing and new investors. ThreatBlockr will be using the latest round of funding to continue growing the team and expanding the platform.

Firewalls alone are not enough to keep up with modern cyberattacks. Many organizations find that their security stack is taxed by the sheer volume of potential threats, and cybersecurity teams spend valuable resources manually attempting to incorporate limited amounts of cyber intelligence into their existing tools. With this latest round of funding, ThreatBlockr is better positioned to lead the active defense revolution in cybersecurity.

Built from the ground up to block every threat from every path in a network, ThreatBlockr’s turnkey solution can be deployed in 30 minutes or less and immediately improves network protection using cyber intelligence from more than 50 leading sources. The platform seamlessly integrates into and enhances the value of an organization’s existing security stack by eliminating known threats and reducing overall traffic by up to 30 to 50 percent.

“Every organization today is vulnerable to cyberattacks, and the task of securing multi-cloud environments at scale is evolving,” says Joyce Shen of Tenfore Holdings. “By making hundreds of millions of data insights truly actionable through its patented technology, ThreatBlockr is the new foundational and essential piece to a new era of active cyber defense without requiring more overhead and operational capacity.”