It’s 14 consecutive years and counting for the Helen Delich Bentley Port of Baltimore after receiving another top U.S. Coast Guard security assessment for its state-owned, public marine terminals.
The Coast Guard’s annual inspection of facilities included a detailed review of all security protocols and procedures at the Port’s six public marine terminals: Dundalk, Seagirt, North Locust Point, South Locust Point (including the cruise passenger terminal), Fairfield and Masonville.
Each year U.S. Coast Guard Sector Maryland conducts an inspection at Maryland’s Port of Baltimore to ensure compliance with federal security regulations. With concerns about cybersecurity becoming more prevalent around the world, this year’s review focused on cyber safety and measures to prevent cyber issues.
The Maryland Port Administration has implemented strong cybersecurity initiatives and utilizes closed-circuit television and heightened access control technologies at the public terminals.
Another aspect of the annual inspection is a thorough review of physical security fixtures, such as high-mast lighting and fencing, gate and fence line conditions, signage and other physical security equipment.