The Venture Funds of Columbia-based TEDCO have invested $300,000 in Linshom Medical, a startup that is eliminating the morbidity, mortality and expense caused by unrecognized respiratory decline in health care.

Linshom Medical, of Ellicott City, developed and patented the respiratory sensor technology and then gained FDA clearance based on validating data from the Cleveland Clinic and Harvard. The company is entering a $2 billion U.S. market next month via clinical study at The Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center.

The technology was advanced in 2021 with an $800,000 U.S. Air Force Small Business Innovation Research contract in the dual use program for civilian and military applications. The National Institutes of Health also recently awarded Linshom a $2.4 million SBIR fast-track grant to further advance the technology and product.

“Current standard of care is missing many adverse event warnings from patients and about 75% of these warnings are respiratory in origin. Up to two million codes per year are potentially avoidable,” said Linshom CEO Ric Hughen. “Our sensor is a non-invasive device that solves this disconnect between standard of care and patient needs for continuous predictive respiratory monitoring, With CPRM, clinical teams gain advance notice of respiratory decline where action can be taken to avoid complications and patient injury.”