Columbia-based TEDCO, has announced its Venture Funds invested nearly $1M in Ellicott City-based Warrior Centric Health, an organization that enables health care facilities and providers to deliver care to 75 million veterans, active service members and their families.

According to WCH research, more than 90% of this group, which make up almost a quarter of the population, get all or some of their care outside the Veterans Affairs hospital system.

WCH is focused on bridging the gaps in health care throughout the United States, particularly those that are creating a veteran health care crisis. The business’s focus on providing health equity will enable health care facilities to provide optimal care to large, diverse patient populations of veterans, service members and their families.

WCH’s Warrior Centric Solution Suite provides a comprehensive solution to this crisis of unmet need, bringing a combination of sophisticated data and decision science, accredited education and training, and robust outreach tools to hospitals and health care providers in a way that is scalable, adaptable and easy to use.

Previously, WCH received $200,000 in funding from TEDCO. The investment was part of a round from TEDCO’s Seed Fund, which invests in early-stage, technology and life sciences companies.