Columbia-based Merkle Inc. has sold its Merkle Response Management Group to Moore, a data-driven constituent experience management company. Terms of the acquisition were not released.

Merkle RMG is a processing, data and technology-driven company servicing the nonprofit, commercial and government sectors. It provides its clients with single integration response processing solutions that include data capture, multi-platform customer relationship management and banking integration.

Moore, which is based in Lanham, is making the investment in Merkle RMG to support its ongoing expansion in processing operations with a portfolio of diverse capabilities and locations across the nation. It will rebrand to Moore RMG, which will employ 600 workers, in the coming weeks.

“At Moore, we have built industry-leading, next-generation technology capable of handling large mail volume and integrating with complex data, banking and reporting platforms,” said Jeff Pelcher, chief executive officer, production services for Moore. “Acquiring Merkle RMG allows us to continue to grow and provide our clients with further capacity and redundancy. We welcome the Merkle RMG team to add to our operations in the Midwest and Northeast and will continue to invest in their growth and success.”

“Becoming a Moore company is a synergistic step that is the best fit for our customers and the Merkle RMG team. This is an exciting new chapter in our 39-year history,” said Kent Grove, president of Merkle RMG. “The leadership team at Moore has great respect for our company, employees, vendors and customers, and is excited about the opportunity to enable our success to power our client’s growth.”